Mandate Conditions

When information and data are transmitted, retrieved or received from our website, this does not establish a client-lawyer relationship with our firm. The client-lawyer relationship is established only when verbal or written instructions are accepted.

The fees charged for our work are based on the fee agreement or on the tariffs set in the cantonal attorney act. The fees and any legal representation costs are explained in detail at the first meeting with the client. 


We try to deal with e-mail messages in a timely manner, but for technical or operational reasons lafranchi meyer cannot guarantee that it will be able do so. We therefore ask you to send urgent or important communications by post, fax or courier. Please note that communication by e-mail is neither secure nor confidential owing to technical circumstances. lafranchi meyer cannot assume any liability for infringements of the client-lawyer privilege resulting from the use of e-mails. 

Information and data

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